Wednesday, March 30, 2011

RAIN >>>>

RAIN ... rain is our life cuts all the hurdles , which comes in our hard way and make us dry

I fell down from cloud
My clouds sounds loud,

                                                ( Photo with thanks from other sources)

I don't like the people who,
Let me to go through,
From canal, drain and severe,
And after they need me everywhere.

It sounds better,
when my droplets chatter.

When my droplets fell,
in to the nectar of shell,
it form the pearl,
which was used by wealthy kings and girl.

Satyam Shukla
thru my Pappa's blogs

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Flowers Beauty - with thanks from Satyam Shukla

Flowers Beauty,
Shows the naturs beauty,
which always performs his duty.

Baal Jharokha me aap sabhi ka swagat hai apna ashish den

Lotus is the National flower,
which is always shower,

Flower are the gift of earth,
which you have seen from birth  .

When you touch the flower's petal,
it seems like the hand of a sweet girl.

At last I will liketo say don't pluck the flower,
because flower is the beauty of nature.

And if the nature will be destroyed ,
then our God will also be annoyed.

He will take our mothers gift ,
and then our mother will be anxiet.

I will also contribute to u n nation thru my pappa's blog-Satyam Shukla