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climate change and how we need to protect the Earth .

Story writing
climate change and how we need to protect the Earth .

At school today Aakash had just attended an inspiring talk on climate change and how we need to protect the Earth .He was a student of seventh class and was in St. Thomas Public School. As soon as the bell rang, he rushed towards his home to tell everyone how he participated wholeheartedly in the discussion. In half an hour, he reached his home. He kept his school bag aside and started narrating the event to his family members. All were looking his glowing face and excitement.
Aakash said, “Mom, after the recess we were announced to gather in the assembly ground to attend a talk on that of the problem of climate change and I too participated in it. A chief guest was invited in this programme. He told that the climate has totally changed all over the world, sometime there is unbearable hot or it is so chill. There is snowfall in any desert and volcano is erupting in polar region, some environmental hazards like greenhouse effect, global warming, ozone layer depletion, air pollution and acid rain are responsible for it”. After listening this his father told, “
Yes son, all these are consequences of our ill thinking and activities to get victory over nature. If we disturb the system of nature then it return in any destructive form, its examples are Tsunami, draught, flood etc.” Aakash continued,” I had heard about many of these hazards but today I am able to understand it. My teacher told me that green house gases like carbon dioxide, ozone are responsible for greenhouse effect .These gases prevent the escape of heat from the Earth. Increase in content of greenhouse gases would cause increase in temperature world-wide and this is called greenhouse effect and it will cause more heat to retain by the atmosphere and lead to global warming.” Ragini, elder sister of Aakash who was sitting silently broke her silence by saying, “Global warming have adverse effect like ultimate melting of ice caps and polar ice which would be responsible for sinking of coastal regions and excessive heat.” Aakash looked at her and said, “Yes sure, didi. But do you know what is ozone layer and how it is depleted?” Ragini replied, “Not at all. Please tell me about it.” Aakash then continued, “Ozone is a molecule formed by three atoms of oxygen.Where oxygen is essential for all aerobic forms of life, ozone is deadly poison. However, at higher level of atmosphere, in stratosphere ozone perfoms an important function. It absorbs harmful radiations coming from sun and prevent those radiations from reaching to Earth’s surface where they may damage the life forms.”Mother interrupted, “Son, the amount of ozone in atmosphere started dropping sharply in mid 1970’s .It has been linked to chloroflouro carbons [CFC’s] used in refrigerator and fire extinguishers. In 1980, the United Nation Environment Programme [UNEP] succeeded in bringing an agreement to stop chloroflouro carbon production.” Aakash said , “Oh really ,this radiation is highly damaging the organism for example it is known to damage the maize crop and it cause skin cancer in humans. Many studies are being directed to find a possible solution .Some possible solutions are using vehicles which run on ‘cleaner fuel’ like Compressed Natural Gas [CNG] using ,public vehicles etc.” Mother smiled and said ,”Aakash ,leave something for next chance, go and have your lunch first .”
But Aakash was still confused what the term ‘acid rain’ actually meant.Next day ,in the school  when the Biology  period was over he went to the teacher and said ,”Mam, I am a little bit confused about acid rain .Would you please explain it to me?” Teacher smiled and replied, “Oh yes why not .You know the fossil fuels like coal and petroleum contain small amount of nitrogen and sulphur. When we burn the fuels, nitrogen and sulphur are also burnt and this produces different oxides of nitrogen and sulphur .Not only is the inhalation of these gases dangerous they also dissolve in rain to give rise to acid rain which is too dangerous. it is found to react with marbles of Taj Mahal and give a substance black  in colour which is affecting its beauty. It cause skin infection in human and cause damage to crops .”Thinking a while , Aakash asked,“How can we get rid of this problem?” Teacher replied, “We should look whether the fuel is fully combustible or not? and should use fossil fuel in a limited amount .Beside this we need to reduce, reuse and recycle resources”.
June was approaching . On 5th June he was very happy because that day was his birthday and he had planned how to celebrate his birthday. Beside this he has decided that he would plant three saplings of shady and fruitful trees as he knew which was needed to protect the climate was -plantation of more and more trees. He wanted to be an inspiration for other people. He knew that we have not owned this climate from our forefathers but we have borrowed it from our future generations. So, we have to return a pleasant and charming climate to them. He wanted to narrate all this to other people.
He felt happy that he had done his bit towards leaving behind a better planet for future generations.


बच्चे मन के सच्चे हैं फूलों जैसे अच्छे हैं मेरी मम्मा कहती हैं तुझसे जितने बच्चे हैं सब अम्मा के प्यारे हैं --


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धन्यवाद चैतन्य जी -हमारे पर्यावरण को भी बचाना है न ग्रीन हॉउस इफेक्ट से -सब कुछ साफ सुथरा ये लम्बी कहानी कविता की पसंद आई -सुन अच्छा लगा
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Surendra shukla" Bhramar"5 said...

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